A Little About Our Team

The team at Oak Star Photography is about creating the perfect image for you!


Mark Turner

 Co-founder, Photographer

Mark has reached the chapter in his life where he realizes how important it is to preserve precious memories.  He desires to help others build a photographic archive of cherished moments with loved ones.  

 "There is a significant gap in my personal photo collection when life was most hectic and I failed to invest the time and money to have quality portraits created of my family.  I wish I had found a portrait photographer to capture the life of my family as my children were growing up!"

Mark is looking forward to leading the team in creating lasting memories with quality portraits worthy of hanging on the walls in your home. 


RobbieAnne Turner

 Co-founder, Photographer

Whenever she is not busy shooting portraits or boudoir images for clients, Robbie enjoys shooting abstracts and architectural structures.  She is drawn to scenes with visually strong lines and curves.  This probably stems from her years of doing needlepoint and her love of quilting.

Robbie loves the nostalgia of film photography using her old 35mm Minolta camera, the same model Mark used when he bought his first SLR camera. 

Let the team at Oak Star Photography assist you in creating a legacy of quality portraits that will be passed down and cherished for generations.